Ebeli accepts new students annually through student selections. The application period is April 7th-May 10th 2020, during which time you can sign in to the selections in Eepos online-service. In the service you can also choose your audition day and time.

All auditions are held on Friday May 15th – Wednesday May 20th in Ebeli, Ahertajantie 6 B. The names of the accepted applicants will be on Ebeli´s website on June 3rd 2020.


EMO and Ebeli students who want to apply for a secondary instrument will also have to sign in through the Eepos-link during April 7th-May 10th 2020.


Applicants will be given a 10-minute audition time during which they demonstrate their instrumental/vocal skills.
At your audition you will be asked to:

  • perform a pop or jazz piece of your own choice
  • accompaniment will be provided upon request. Please remember to bring sheet music for the accompanist. You can also bring your own accompanist or a background recording.
  • perform various musical tasks, such as repeating pitches and rhythms, sight-reading and making music with a band. In these tasks the teachers will provide the accompaniment.

Please bring your own instrument and tune it beforehand. Ebeli provides piano, drum set, PA and amplifyers for guitar and bass.
Please contact the Ebeli Office if you need more information on applying to Ebeli.


Ebeli does not provide primary level instrumental instruction, so the preferred age for applicants is 10 to 22 years. Primary level instruction in acoustic instruments is provided by EMO, for example.


A student can only enroll into one government-subsidized music institute at a time. When accepting your student admission at Ebeli you assure that you don’t have a student status also at another such music institute.

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