Espoo Music Institute´s Pop and Jazz Department

Since 1996


Ebeli is the pop and jazz department of EMO, the Espoo Music Institute. The school aims at fostering well-rounded and diverse musical skills in its students, supported by a teaching staff comprised of the very best local talent.

The focus in teaching at Ebeli is on the special characteristics of popular music and jazz: in addition to learning an instrument students get to study improvisation, as well as play in bands and groups.

Courses at Ebeli are open to applicants between the ages of 10-22. Primary level instruction in acoustic instruments is provided by EMO, for example.

Instruction given at Ebeli complies with the curriculum for the advanced syllabus in basic education (the Finnish national core curriculum devised by the National Board of Education). The school receives regular funding from the state, as well as from the city of Espoo.

Ebeli was originally founded in 1996 as a private music school by Martti “Mape” Lappalainen (1941-2011).

In 2010, Ebeli merged into EMO and became its artistically and pedagogically independent pop and jazz department.

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